Matthew N. Kargol

Artist Statement

 For me the act of creating is the definition of an artist, and is not just something one does but is central to my identity and purpose.  For as long as I can remember I have been creating a life as an artist.  My process became my refuge, my place where my mind could wander and endless possibilities existed with just a touch of my pencil.

As my work has progressed, my ideas, that motivate its creation, are still rooted in my creative experiences working from this place of autonomous thought.  I see forms in abstract ideas and work to distill my sculptures to the absolute essential elements; giving form to formless truths such as gravity, wind, and actions devoid of a physical subject.  My interest is a moment that is still unfolding, an action that is still happening.  The developing action conveyed through my sculptures, stirs a visceral reaction in the viewers emotions, memories and arousals.  In essence my work is as much about being seen as it is about pausing and allowing it to be felt on a personal level. 

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